Company Information

Grail Group is a Finnish company dedicated to providing gamers extra thrills for their online experience. Our main focus is on running tournaments and leagues with our proprietary service launched 2017. We build a bridge between the eSports community and business partners by organizing various events from arena size tournaments to small esport promotions.

The Crew

We are two friends and entrepreneurs who have a dream. Firstly we want to offer talented gamers an opportunity to make some money with the things they love. Secondly we want to raise the respect of the eSports for the big crowd. It’s not a little boys neighbourhood-play-circle anymore. It’s a serious business with a lot of money and effort in it.

GG KalleKalle Koskela is a online gamer and offline father: 

Kalle Started gaming in the golden era of gaming in 80-90´s with C64, Atari and Nintendo 8 bit. After those days PC gaming has been the way to go. He has also room in his heart for Miniature strategy games, board games and such.

“Entrepreneurship is todays game and I´ll plan to be good at it”.

Kalle is the Managing Director, founder and member of the board in GG. He started as a full time employee in August 2016.

Games of my life: The Great Giana Sisters, Warcraft 1 & 2, Command & Conquer -series, Simcity, Civilization 2


GG VilleVille Nikola is a gamer for life:

“Electronic games like since 8-bit Nintendo and early pc-games to new Playstation 4 have all circled through my hands. I play also a lot of board and miniature and do old-style pen-and-paper role playing games and larping as well. Although larping has been in ice for several years, but maybe some day again.”

Ville was the first full time employee of the Grail Group and he’s responsibility is to take care of the running things, contacts, finance and such. He has also started the sport management initial training at Vierumäen Urheiluopisto (Vierumäki Resort – The Sport Institute of Finland), so we will see what the future brings to us.

Ville has worked previously in the Hyvinkään Pelitalo -project where he was responsible of the computers and action in the Pelitalo. He managed for example a NHL online/offline tournament between youth houses in Finland, with other youth workers. When Ville was studying he was also practicing in Helsingin Pelitalo.

He is eSports manager, founder and head of the board in GG.

Games of my life: Mario Bros, Final Fantasy VII, VIII & IX, World of Warcraft, Uncharted -series.


Niklas von Schöneman is a gaming long-beard: 

Form the dark days of cartridges and cassette-drives a gamer rose. From pen-and-paper RPGs and comic books imagination blossommed. From miniature battles and sword fights stories sprung to life. From over ten years of hardship a gaming professional was forged.

”I have the pleasure of working everyday with stuff I love, that is a perk most people don’t get!”

Niklas started as the Marketing & PR Manager of the GG in September 2016.

Games of my life: Pirates!, Doom, NHL ’94 & ’98, Wipeout 2097, Diablo-series, Dark Age of Camelot, Halo-series 


The Forces Behind Us

The Board

Besides just us entrepreneurs we have great minds to back us up. We have a great board which is dedicated to help and improve the company and eager to give their opinion. All the board members have an explicit job in which they are very good at. Other than entrepreners, we also have:

VilleVille – member of the board

Commentator, host and media appearance expert.

Games of my life: Fallout 2, XCOM: Enemy Unknown and Resident Evil.





LariLari – member of the board

Gaming and gameplay specialist.

Games of my life: Word of Warcraft, Fallout -series (#2 is the best), Diablo -series (#2 is the best), League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm and Ancient Domains of Mystery.




An Advisory Board

We also have an Advisory Board in our help. They are professionals in their own field and are willing to share their experience, time and knowledge to us. We are honored to work with these people.

ErkkiErkki Alaja

Erkki is a Finnish sports contributor, former football and handball player, writer and pioneer of sports marketing. Alaja have done a remarkable career in a Finnish sports scene, for example as a CEO in Helsingin Jalkapallo Klubi and as a Connection Manager in Veikkaus. Since 1986 Erkki has also been running his own marketing agency Pähkinä.

Motto: “Listen to your heart and act on it.”




MikaMika Lehtinen

Mika is serial entrepreneur and an experienced professional of live communications. He has more than 25 years of experience in meetings and events, exhibitions, showroom design, marketing, advertising and management. He is a founder and CEO of TroiGroup Oy, founding partner of the 27names, the Europe´s live communication network. Mika is passioned about alpine and telemark skiing.